EIT Urban Mobility online consultation

In 2021, EIT Urban Mobility Academy will launch different calls for projects and partners, so that the funding and start of new collaborative projects can be secured in 2022. In order to prepare for As such, they are conducting an online consultation for urban mobility professionals of all stripes to help them identify important learning needs, and then engage in conversations on how these needs should be addressed.
See the survey website:

• Within the Needs section you will find different areas of interest, and within each area of ​​interest, a series of topics. In each topic, you can identify training needs by starting a conversation or participating in an existing conversation.
• It would be great if you could review these topics and share your thoughts on some of them. For example, in the area of ​​interest "City": education and training needs of those responsible for formulating urban mobility policies, or challenges of the city that promote training and education.



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