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KNOWURBANNET was born as a network of knowledge generation to cope with the changes that we will live in the coming years. It is presented with the will to be an influential actor in these processes of transformation; economic, social, political, environmental, energy and in all areas of urban environments..

These processes will be extraordinarily developed in the cities who will be the main protagonists of these transformations; and as a community of knowledge we woudl like to focusing on the design and implementation of an intelligent, integral and sustainable urban development as the backbone of the cities of the future.

We are truly convinced that this change of paradigm that is happening does not only dealing with technologies, but is much more structural and profound, speaks about society, relationships, of choosing the necessary paths with rigor and criteria, talks of humanism and to empowering the person, while building a better social future, with the help and development of new technologies.

But to make good decisions, we need the necessary tools to find the criteria and this is why we define ourselves as a community of knowledge, for which we have a committee of experts in all areas, which will not only define the necessary knowledge but will vertebrate, spread and explain it through academic and scientific activities.

We woudl,ike you on board


WHO WE ARE, Founded in 2017, it is composed by a group of experts who collaborate in the development of strategic knowledge of this new paradigm of urban, social, economic, energy and environmental change.

A driving Group, a scientific community It is constituted by partners and collaborators for the thoughnes, and generation of contents and management models of the urban, business and industrial processes which situate it as a cutting-edge group and influential in this area.

the sum of talent of more than 30 experts that are providing their knowledge and experience in their fields of expertise in a vertical way, but also by transversalising this knowledge, to allow the structuring of a story, a continuous thread that responds globally to the new challenges of the 21st century.


Offer to the public and private organizations advice and preparation to face the new paradigm with an unbiased partner and with new levels of excellence.





It is part of a leading project, with the will of leadership and influence in the new ecosystems, with ethical and humanistic values as drivers of excelling results.

Get to know a global proposal, which vertebra all the stories: Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, Posthumanism, Energy, Transparency ... to give you a response and an integrated dialogue.



Read the articles and opinions of our experts who provide their knowledge and experience in the analysis of urban, social, economic, energy and environmental changes.




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